Wedding Preparation

marriage prep 2012 3Marriage Preparation Course

Part of our responsibility for being part of your wedding is to prepare you for your married life together. 

Our Marriage Preparation Course runs in the Spring and autumn of each year on a Saturday from 10am-4pm. This course gives an opportunity for couples marrying during that year to have not only an enjoyable day together, but is also designed to help engaged couples develop strong foundations for a lasting marriage.

We do require all couples to attend and the following quotes from couples attending the session might encourage you to look forward to it: “I found it very informative and educational and it made the whole idea of getting married seem a lot more real and exciting”, “thought provoking”, “it is nice to think about our marriage rather than just the wedding”.

At the end of the day together, we present couples with a free copy of the Marriage Book by Nicky and Sila Lee which expands on the topics we will have touched on during the day.

Wedding Rehearsal

A rehearsal of the wedding service is essential.  Ideally, as well as the bride and groom, the chief bridesmaid, best man and the father of the bride/person giving the bride away need to be there along with anyone else taking an active role in your wedding service.