Funds are needed to carry out work.

Throughout its history, repairs, adornments, conservation, beautification and alterations have all been financed through legacies and gifts. This wonderful building belongs to all of us, not to the State nor to the Church of England.

Our forebears built and sustained St Mary's Church over many centuries; now it is our turn to shoulder the responsibility. St Mary's is entirely self-supporting, and relies on the generosity of our visitors and our own church community for the running and maintenance of the building and its mission and outreach.

Who will benefit?

Our partners in the Community of Hadleigh, Visitors, St Mary's Church and associated Churches of Churches Together in Hadleigh.


To the best of our knowledge the information on these pages are correct and any grant awarded will be used for the purpose stated.

In the event of receiving a grant we the Renewal Committee for St Mary's Church Hadleigh accept that the donor may wish to disclose the nature of the application and the recipient.

We confirm that St Mary's Church Hadleigh is covered by current appropriate adequate insurance for buildings, public liability and employer's liability.

Making donations to St Mary's PCC Project Committee

In a world that is increasingly demanding of both time and money, we remain encouraged and humbled by the generous support of our congregation.

We hope you are interested in wishing to offer financial support. If so please fill out the pdf forms.

Donations can come in many different guises, lump sums, whole Estates, Trusts, cheques, cash, standing orders etc. But the bottom line is that they will help to maintain and forward our work. All are extremely appreciated no matter how small the donation may be.

Single and/or Regular Donations - Using Direct Debit, Cheques or Cash, enhanced with the benefit of GIFT AID where appropriate.

Leaving a Legacy in your Will - Please get guidance on the wording of your Will to ensure that the reordering of St Mary's benefits from your kind legacy.

Giving through the Friends of St Mary's Hadleigh

The purpose of the Friends is to raise funds, to encourage donations and legacies and support fundraising events and activities so that the trust can help cover the substantial costs of restoring, repairing and improving the fabric of the historic St Mary's Church and the adjacent Deanery Tower.

How you can help with the day to day running of St Mary's

We depend a great deal on a wonderful team of volunteers without whom St Mary's would struggle to provide as much as it does for its worshippers and visitors. Its a rewarding and fulfilling job, suitable for people from any age group, background or faith with time to spare regularly.