In July 2015 the PCC commissioned a committee to take forward the Project under the joint chairmanship of Churchwardens, James Wilding and Lesley Turner, the other members of the committee are The Very Revd Jo Delfgou (Rector), Chrissie Scott (PCC) (Project Administrator), John Goulbourn (Project Treasurer) & Andy Scott (PCC).

Other members with expertise in various fields will be co-opted as necessary.

ST MARY'S HADLEIGH PCC VISION PROJECT is divided into three areas of development:


The PCC Project Committee have set up the framework of management for taking these four areas forward, and researching information that will be required to move forward. 

They have held consultations with Partners in the Hadleigh community who are contributing through a questionaire their thoughts on St Mary's future. If you would like to contribute to this consultation process please talk to  a member of the committee. We value your input. Further discussions will be taking place as the project moves forward

St Mary’s Church has been altered in various ways since its beginnings, undergoing changes to improve the fabric and to order the building to suit the present and foreseeable future use for the local community.

These reorderings have more recently been at 120 year intervals. 

As it is 135 years since the last reordering and a number of areas have been identified as requiring renewing, refurbishment or modernisation we are at the start of a process to look at what is required, how it should be carried out using all the expert opinion available to us, and how the work is paid for.

Some of the things that have been looked at, because either they are in need of updating or are requiring major work done to them, having been identified in quinquennial reports, by our Architects or by the 21st century usage of the building:​

  • Restoring and opening the original processional west-end doors
  • To provide a new floor across the whole church with provision for disabled access.
  • Re-leading of the  South Aisle roof (followed by the North Aisle roof).
  • To address outstanding fabric repairs as identified by the quinquennial inspection.
  • To provide a new heating system.
  • To provide a new lighting system.
  • To provide a full audio-visual system.
  • To provide an administration office.
  • To provide small  a conference area for up to 40 people and smaller committees.
  • To provide a Catering Kitchen for conferences etc.
  • To provide Toilet facilities for audiences of up to 400 + disabled facilities + wet room/shower etc).
  • To retain the Pulpit in its present position.
  • To move the Font to a more suitable area.
  • To move the Organ back to its original position at the west end so that the North chapel can be furnished with pews refurbished in Phase One (2014-2015) and with the chairs, lectern and altar made from the pews making it a ‘Victorian Chapel’.
  • To provide a better understanding and presentation of the History and development of St Mary’s throughout the centuries.

The above will all have to be planned and costed and approved by the Diocesan Advisory Committee and many others, so will it will be a long process.

Presentation to the diosesan advisory committee and Historic England, the Victorian Society, the Society for the Protection of AncientBuildings and the Church Buildings Council.

We have an exciting future and will try to keep you all informed regularly as this long process proceeds.

There is a permanent notice board for the RENEWAL PROJECT in the church and  RENEWAL NEWS sheets are available giving up-to-date information.

After discussions with a number of architects during 2016 the PCC approved the appointing of the architectural practice Freeland Rees Roberts of Cambridge to take forward our proposals and with advice from the Diocesan Advisory Committee and others to lead us through the process of creating a church for the 21st century.