Hadleigh, Layham & Shelley Benefice

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What's On

Palm Sunday
Sun 25th Mar @ 12.00am
Said Eucharist (BCP)
Sun 25th Mar @ 8.00am
Joint Service with URC
Sun 25th Mar @ 10.30am
Morning Prayer
Mon 26th Mar @ 8.30am
Morning Prayer
Tue 27th Mar @ 8.30am
Mattins at The Row
Tue 27th Mar @ 11.00am
Tadpoles, for babies, toddlers and their carers
Tue 27th Mar @ 1.30pm
Silent Prayer, at the Salvation Army Hall - all welcome
Tue 27th Mar @ 4.30pm
Morning Prayer, Eucharist and Breakfast
Wed 28th Mar @ 8.30am
Lent Stations
Wed 28th Mar @ 5.15pm
Messy Church
Wed 28th Mar @ 5.30pm
Maundy Thursday
Thu 29th Mar @ 12.00am
Morning Prayer
Thu 29th Mar @ 8.30am
St Mary's School Easter Service
Thu 29th Mar @ 2.00pm
Supper, Foot-washing, Eucharist and Vigil
Thu 29th Mar @ 7.00pm
Good Friday
Fri 30th Mar @ 12.00am
Morning Prayer
Fri 30th Mar @ 8.30am
Love so amazing - a short service for families and children
Fri 30th Mar @ 10.45am
Meditation with words, music and pictures
Fri 30th Mar @ 7.00pm
Easter Vigil
Sat 31st Mar @ 7.00pm

Our purpose is to worship God, develop Christian faith and reveal God's love to the whole community