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Hadleigh Services and Events

Morning Prayer, Eucharist and Breakfast
Wednesday 23rd January 8.00am
Messy Church
Wednesday 23rd January 5.30pm
Morning Prayer
Thursday 24th January 8.30am
Morning Prayer
Friday 25th January 8.30am
Cafe Church Communion
Friday 25th January 10.00am
Said Eucharist (BCP)
Sunday 27th January 8.00am
Sung Eucharist
Sunday 27th January 10.45am
Morning Prayer
Monday 28th January 8.30am
Morning Prayer
Tuesday 29th January 8.30am
Morning Prayer, Eucharist and Breakfast
Wednesday 30th January 8.00am

Events Calendar

Monday 14 January 2019


Holy Communion
DEL week 1
Hebrews 1.1-6
Psalm 97.1-2, 6-10
Mark 1.14-20

Morning Prayer
Psalms 2, 110 (or) 80, 82
Amos 1
1 Corinthians 1.1-17

Evening Prayer
Psalms 34, 36 (or) 85, 86
Genesis 1.1-19
Matthew 21.1-17

Additional Weekday Lectionary
Isaiah 41.14-20
John 1.29-34