What's On

Morning Prayer
Thu 25th Feb @ 8.30am
St Mary's PCC
Thu 25th Feb @ 4.00pm
Morning Prayer
Fri 26th Feb @ 8.30am
BCP Eucharist
Sun 28th Feb @ 8.00am
Sun 28th Feb @ 10.45am
Morning Prayer
Mon 1st Mar @ 8.30am
Morning Prayer
Tue 2nd Mar @ 8.30am
Silent Prayer
Tue 2nd Mar @ 4.30pm


Here are cards forand. These are not to replace any particular pattern that you may have but are offered as a supplement should you wish.


These cards have been offered to all on our electoral role and others that we have managed to reach too. This will allow us the knowledge that others will be praying with us – although at a physical distance. Please do make more copies if you would like to share this wider.

You will see that there is a space for ‘Scripture Reading’. Click here for the readings for daily prayer (an Old Testament passage, a Psalm, a New Testament passage). I found this hard to find, so if you have a daily reading pattern follow that – or just pick a book from either of the two Testaments and read a part (maybe a chapter) of each. Don’t be afraid to pick a book you have never looked at before. The Bible will offer you a challenge wherever you look!

My hope is that, once we come together, we can share something of what we have discovered. If you want to talk something through, I and my fellow priests (as well as others) would be only too happy to engage.

The second cardis to enable us to continue to take these symbols of God’s love whilst isolated (and knowing that Public Worship has been suspended). At 10 am each Sunday, I shall preside at St Mary’s Church. At this time (if possible) please pause for a moment and follow the card. Of course, you will need some wine and some bread!


I hope that, although we are dispersed, we shall feel connected by time.

We hope to be able to send out a copy of the Sunday Readings otherwise they will be found on the Parish/Benefice Website.

I will also be reading a prayer at 12 noon and would encourage you to pause then and email either me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), the office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or ring (822218) with specific requests.

Please keep an eye on the St Mary’s Hadleigh facebook page too.

This all reads as very much St Mary’s Church, but this will be spread right across our Benefice and therefore through St Andrew’s Church and All Saints Church too.

Many thanks for your prayerful support and kindnesses to one another.

With an assurance of prayer and in the knowledge of God’s loving blessing to us all.