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The Friends of St Mary's Church is the name adopted for those who are interested in preserving, repairing and improving the fabric of this magnificent "Cloth" church:

  • So that it may continue to be a source of joy and pleasure both to our community, our visitors and generations to come.
  • To ensure the continued use of the building in the spiritual, cultural and educational life of Hadleigh and the surrounding area.

All enquires to be made through the Benefice Office


Chair & Trustee                     Very Rev’d Jo Delfgou  (Interim)
Deputy Chair & Trustee       Aileen Kerr
Trustee                                   Jeff Delves
Trustee                                   Millie Goulbourn
Trustee                                   John Hunt
Trustee                                   Roger Kennell
Treasurer                                 David Hoyle
Secretary                                 Jess Janas
Committee member                Emma Barrett
Committee member                Russell Barrett
Committee member                Jan Byrne
Committee member                Louise Chambury
Committee member                Heather Gibson
Committee member                Andrew Napier
Committee member                Lesley Turner
Committee member                Jimmy Wilding 


In becoming a Friend of St Mary's individuals and bodies have the opportunity of sharing in the work of maintaining this asset for the people of today and for future generations.The purpose of the Friends is to raise funds, to encourage  donations and legacies and support fundraising events and activities so that the trust canhelp cover the substantial costs of restoring, repairing and improving the fabric of the historic St Mary's Church and the adjacent Deanery Tower. Friends will be kept informed of events and receive an Annual Report. Your support is fundamental to the survival of St Mary's.

The minimum individual Annual Subscription is £10 or £15 for family membership. See application form.

Adult Life membership is £200 for idividuals and £250 for families.


Individuals, businesses and other organisations become Friends of St Mary’s Church Hadleigh by making donations as follows:

Annual Membership Minimum Donation £10
Life Membership Minimum Donation £200
Annual Family Membership Minimum Donation £15
Life Family Membership Minimum Donation £250
Corporate Sponsorsorship Annual Donation £1,000
Corporate Supporter Annual Donation £500
Corporate Membership Annual Donation £50

Subscriptions are due in January of each year other than those who pay by standing order.

Leaving a Legacy in your Will - Guidance on the wording of your Will ensuring that the Friends benefit from your kind legacy. 'OUR LEGACY IN TIME' leaflet available at St Mary's.





St Mary’s Hadleigh Church Trust Registered Charity No. 289784.

The Trust was set up in 1984 to work in conjunction with The Friends of St Mary’s and Hadleigh Parochial Church Council for the benefit and upkeep of the Church building and its surroundings, holding fundraising events throughout the year.


Held in  June each year

Hidden Gardens of Hadleigh


Available on the church bookstall and in local bookshops.


“Hadleigh Suffolk 1900-2000 - a Century in Words and Pictures”

Roger Kennell (2005)   Price £6.95
Filled with black and white postcards and photographs, and a Hadleigh Chronology: available at the church bookstall and in local bookshops.


“Hadleigh Suffolk Then and Now - Signs of the Times”

Roger Kennell   Price £6.95
A comparison between the photographs taken of the original views in the first book, and those views photographed recently.


“The Inventory” 

Sue Andrews   Price £3.00
A fictionalised account concerning the drawing up of an inventory at St Mary’s Church in 1480.


Historic Picture Postcards

Five picture postcards of St Mary’s Church and its environment.
Price £1.30 individual postcards £0.30p 


“Hadleigh Deanery Tower through Six Centuries”

Roger Kennell   Price: £3.50


“Hadleigh During World War Two 1939-1945 The Home Front Story”

Roger Kennell   Price: £3.95
28 page, well illustrated booklet telling, for the first time, the story of our town during the wartime years.


“Hadleigh, Suffolk & the Reformation”

David Cornick   Price £1.00
Notes from a lecture given at St Mary’s on 28 September 2019.


“Living with a Legacy: Today’s Churches & Yesterday’s Reformations”

David Cornick   Price £1.00

Notes from a lecture given at St Mary’s on 28 September 2019.