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The three churches of the benefice, together with team members from the other churches in Hadleigh, offer pastoral care and lead worship at all the nursing/care homes in Hadleigh.

A lay chaplain acts as the main contact for each home so that home managers and team members can react quickly and provide support where needed.

SYDNEY BROWN COURT - 1st Thursday in month at 10.30am
Lay Chaplain: Jean Herring Tel: 823320
Team members: Heather Humphries, Brian Hempstead, Sandra Smithson, Doris Green, Noel Herring.

CANTERBURY HOUSE - 2nd Tuesday in month at 2.15pm
Lay Chaplain: Hilary Griffin Tel: 823100
Team members: Jill Bloomfield, Brian Hempstead, Maureen Rodwell (T: 823934), Brian Welham, Jill Harbinson.

WATERFIELD HOUSE - 3rd Tuesday in month at 3pm
Lay Chaplain: Jackie Cork Tel: 823739
Team members: Barbara Robinson, Brian Hempstead, Eric Fisher, Kenny Sanderson.

MAGDALEN HOUSE - Room communions when required
Lay Chaplain: Pastor Chris Todd Tel: 827915
Team members: Jackie Cork