Hadleigh, Layham & Shelley Benefice

God with us

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01473 527499

St. Mary's Church
Church Street

Prayer is the bedrock of all that happens here.

We hold together many different traditions of prayer at St. Mary’s, St. Andrew’s and All Saints, and in addition to corporate prayer during liturgical services we offer:


Fridays 9.30 - 10amSouth Chapel    Extemporary Prayer for our Church community and beyond.  We pray for the on-going work of the benefice.


During Café Church which follows prayer ministry for individuals is  available.

Tuesdays 4.30 pm for an hour. Silent Prayer at Salvation Army Hall, Duke Street.


We join with our friends from other Churches.


Sundays after 10.45 Eucharist.  Healing Ministry in Lady Chapel.


Prayer Diary.  Daily prayers for our community - a copy available for everyone.  Please ask either Welcome team or office.


Those who are now unable to attend church, who are  housebound or in residential care are prayed for regularly, again on Friday mornings.


At various times prayer and home study groups meet.


Contact office for up to date details of days and venues.


During the year we offer Retreat Days. 


Last year we held a successful Painting and Prayer day at a nearby village church and church hall, led by our own ministry team and local artists.


During the week we offer ongoing prayer for our work with children and young people.


Porch Project, Frogs, Tadpoles, Open the Book and St. Mary’s school.


We especially remember them from where we are, maybe at home or work, at the time they happen.


At the entrance to the South Chapel, reserved for quiet prayer, there is a candle stand for those who may wish to light a candle in memory of someone dear to them or to pray for a particular concern or situation.    


Inside the South Chapel there is a book in which to write requests for prayer.  These are prayed for on Friday mornings.


For any special requests for prayer please contact Joyce Willis via the Benefice Office 01473 527499    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.











Prayers for the Morning in Lent

God who lives in the depths of the universe

We worship you.


God who calls to us in the depths of our hearts and souls,

joining in our weeping and our laughing,

our sorrow and our joy,

full of kindness in the deep silences of our painful places,,

speaking into the anxious centre of our struggles,

yet also dancing with us in our delight

and sharing our celebrations:

We worship you this day.


You may wish to light a candle as a symbol of your continuing  journey, 

which is always lit by the light of Christ.

The candle is lit.


You may wish to hold a cross, or to gaze at a picture of a cross

as a symbol of the costly love of God 

which lies beneath and within all of life,

even at the end point of our hopes and faith

as we try to survive with joy in the deep waters of life.

Dear God, as we enter the journey of this day, 

the invitation into a time of reflection, 

we grieve our human failures as we face some parts of our lives.

Here, in this time of being with you, the Christ,

help us to search down into the realities of who we are 

and what we do or fail to do.  

We know that we can never earn the costly grace which you offer us.


Silent Reflection



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