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What's On

Morning Prayer
Tue 11th Dec @ 8.30am
Mattins at The Row
Tue 11th Dec @ 11.00am
Tadpoles - for babies, toddlers and their carers
Tue 11th Dec @ 1.30pm
Eucharist at Canterbury House - all welcome
Tue 11th Dec @ 2.30pm
Silent Prayer, at the Salvation Army Hall - all welcome
Tue 11th Dec @ 4.30pm
Morning Prayer, Eucharist and Breakfast
Wed 12th Dec @ 8.30am
FROGs - for all primary school aged children
Wed 12th Dec @ 6.00pm
Morning Prayer
Thu 13th Dec @ 8.30am
Morning Prayer
Fri 14th Dec @ 8.30am
Christmas trees up
Fri 14th Dec @ 9.00am
Cafe Church Communion
Fri 14th Dec @ 10.00am
Advent Stations
Fri 14th Dec @ 5.00pm
Carol Singing at the Co-op (tbc)
Sat 15th Dec @ 10.00am
Christmas Tree Festival Opens, with refreshments
Sat 15th Dec @ 10.00am
Said Eucharist (BCP)
Sun 16th Dec @ 8.00am

07704 778325

St. Mary's Church
Church Street

Inspire is financed by a generous grant from the Ann Beaumont Trust. It is a new education programme for the primary schools in Hadleigh, using the church building as a resource and stimulus for learning and inspiration. Our funding enables us to employ a qualified teacher for number of days a year to ensure that we can offer high quality teaching and learning experiences related to the curriculum. we offer a range of activities, trails and workshops to enhance the RE curriculum, as well as interactive ‘seasonal’ (Harvest, Christmas, Easter) experiences to compliment what is taught in our schools, Approximately 400 children have visited St Mary’s church at least once during the year to take part in INSPIRE activities.

Enquiries regarding Inspire should be made to Trish Pitt through the office.